• Sketch Cocktailbar (map)
  • Passerpromenade 40
  • Merano, 39012
  • Italy

Hey party people, it is Saturday and DJ Reddey is rocking the decks for and with you!
Come and dance, chat and party!!!

Martin Retter, Reddey's real name, grew up in Merano, Italy. At the age of 11 he started listening to music, of course shitty stuff, on Austrian Radio OE3. As he didn't like the Top 10, but was more interested in brand new tracks, it seems that his big love for underground music started there... well, somehow. Then German TV Channel Viva2 and Radio FM4 came in his live and showed him great music unknown by the Mainstream. So he listened to all kind of stuff, made music that nobody should never ever hear and started with his Band "Noisy Royal Dirt" in 2006, when time felt right. After forming "Cats On Lemon Balm" in 2007, he started DJing in the same year and played several clubs in Austria, Italy and Germany. His first finished Technotrack "Japon" was released on wupwup, who he is a part of from the beginning.