21:00 Live from Vienna
during Sprachspiele / Linguaggi di gioco
23:00 at the turntables
Special Shake and Dance Night with the Original Rocknight Dj Valti


SUNDAY BOB, what is this.

It´s two musicians only, but it´s enough, more than. One is playing his laptop and a synthesizer on a english laundry rack, the other a guitar, you don´t know if it´s a bangio, with effects.
Which bands do you know with this setup.
It sounds like, let´s try, depeche mode, the suuns, soulwax and trio playing songs of, well, stop.
You can dance to. People all over Europe and America did. There is party, but if you would like to listen to the lyrics you will discover that´s not only bullshit. Surprise! How cool is that. This is a cool band.
Bob is the alter ego of SUNDAY BOB.
The side-project theohyeahteam (founded in 2011) proved these two guys can do electro-dance music, too and now, SUNDAY BOB is the combination of Bob and theohyeahteam.
A dream!
Better you forget about monday, because it´s SUNDAY BOB time and better you bring your dancing shoes, or you might say like we sing on -yes for sure-:
“Can you borrow me your shoes, please?”
(Yes for sure, how is the weather, the weater is nice.)