Functionist (FM4)

A great clubbing with famous Functionist from FM4 Radio (Vienna)

The Functionist

Functionist is a club and radio DJ, music producer and remixer. He is the mastermind behind the legendary daily (Mon - Fri) mixshow FM4 Unlimited. His music productions include work with Aceyalone, The Visionaries or Public Enemy.

The DJ

The Functionist musical universe is defined by Funk. Funk in all modern variations. Originally coming from Hip Hop he plays Electro, Breaks, Soul, Dub, even Jazz and Rock, everything mixed with a Hip Hop approach. His claim is to create a unique, live musical mixture. Clubs in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and beyond (UK, US, Canada) have welcomed Functionist's DJ services. He started as a teenager DJing for the BMX/Skateboardscene, then performed with his Hip Hop band Compact Phunktion and with the birth of a young Austrian Hip Hop scene he made first contact with radio in 1992.

The Radiohead

Radio is the media for Functionist's creative output, whether as a young radio pirate or later with FM4 where he presents the weekly Hip Hop show Tribe Vibes since 1995. In Summer 2005 his brainchild the daily mixshow Summerbreaks is realised. The successful show is soon renamed to Unlimited and installed as a daily programme. From 2 to 3 PM Functionist & Beware combine all musical styles, classics, new releases as well as exclusives remixes they produce themselves. Guests include (among others) Justice, Hot Chip, Ben Mono, J-Star, Stereo MCs, Nickodemus, Kid Fresh, Missill. If he's not on air he takes care of the production department, the sound design and realises special broadcast events.

The Producer

His remix for Hip Hop icons Public Enemy on their album Revolverlution brought Functionist worldwide attention as a music producer. He finally gets to know the band with frontman Chuck D that put him on his musical path in the late 80s. For several months he travelled the US and Canada and recorded with artists like The Visionairies, Aceyalone, Hines Buchanan, Specifics, Toni Blackman and many more. Remixes and productions with Mani Obeya (Sofa Surfers), Toxic Lounge or Texta as well as compositions and sound designs for international TV stations or the opening of the Vienna music festival in 2004 prove Functionist's musical diversity.