This Saturdays a special Aperitivo Lungo with DJ REDDEY
with drinks, music and an awesome food buffet.

19.00 - 22.00

"Reddey grew up in Merano, South Tyrol. He is, like Arno Parmeggiani and Victor Matic a cofounder of Wupwup: A collaboration that grew into a big talent producing family. He never felt restricted to one scene and has been listening to whatever he found interesting; House, Hip-hop, Garage Rock, Punk… He has tasted them all. Some time later he started making music, first as a producer in several band projects, and later he finalized his solo project Lux Repeat. As a DJ he plays minimalistic deep house with a darker tone. Having a small town background, he experienced the reality of having to convince the audience with his sound. This is one of the reasons he is flexible, tenacious and constantly improving. It’s always a pleasure to dive into one of Reddey’s sets and get deeper as his sound does."